GulfLog Africa’s New Mauritius Head office

A new space for new ideas

An office is more than simply a space where one conducts business. An office is a place where employees, management and clients engage, it’s a space where new ideas come to light with creativity and the confidence to do so in a professional environment.  

With the incorporation of GulfLog Africa in 2022, it identified Mauritius as the perfect location to establish its new global headquarters.  The Country is an attractive and thriving place for business with an incomparable art de vivre, Mauritius is the perfect home to the citizen of the world. The island is often referred internationally as the “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”. “Star” for its strategic location on the network of air and sea routes between Asia, Europe and Africa and “Key” as an international financial hub of excellence that ‘unlocks’ business opportunities and access to the African continent.

The company’s new offices are situated in the stunning Strand office park in Beau Plan, Pamplemousses.  The new development combines a modern design and great facilities with ample space for management, staff and clients to go about their day and conduct business.

Aside from the charming appeal of the office, it also represents a new beginning for GulfLog Africa as a boutique African Investment firm focussed on driving sustainable growth with strategic investments providing capital through equity and hands-on expertise to companies in the field of Logistics Infrastructure and Related Services as well as Distribution/Market Expansion Services.

GulfLog Africa can spring forth on this new chapter of its exciting story living up to its tagline, “Empowering African Enterprises”.