Empowering African Enterprises

Driving sustainable Growth with strategic investments

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa”

This statement by the great Rudyard Kipling undoubtedly resonated with me. Through GulfLog Africa, I have combined my deep personal bond with Africa and a fervent aspiration to own and invest in businesses on this remarkable continent. In doing so, I strive to generate enduring value for stakeholders, while concurrently fostering prospects for our employees and the communities around them.

I’m living the dream and you are welcome to be part of this journey.

- Bruno Sidler

Owner & Executive Chairman
UnlockIng African Potential

GulfLog Investment Criteria

Join us in shaping Africa's future. Our investment approach is clear and strategic, focusing on profitable and established businesses seeking growth capital.

Luba Freeport

Does Your Business Fit?

If your enterprise aligns with our criteria and you're seeking investment for further growth, we invite you to start the conversation.

Established business entities preferred - no startups or greenfield entities.
High-caliber management team with significant industry experience.
A strong market competitor or shows potential to grow into one.
Capital investment requirement between $1m - $5m.
Business must be profitable and income generating.
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Unveiling Opportunities with GulfLog

Our investment focus aims to fuel sustainable growth across diverse sectors. We offer a unique pathway to untapped markets across Africa.

Market Expansion Services (MES)

The MES theme helps companies to grow their business in new and existing markets through the offering of select services across the value chain. The growing consumer markets in Africa across multiple sectors (capital goods, food, beverages, clothing, household appliances etc) offers significant opportunities and we can expand our MES offerings by supporting clients in accessing African customers.

Bell Mining Vehicle
Luba Freeport Sea Vessel

Logistics Infrastructure and Related Services

At GulfLog, we actively seek to invest in logistics assets, employing a strategy that involves integrating related services. These services not only enhance the utilization of our core assets but also lead to improved margins. Our focus goes beyond conventional logistics; we encompass services like waste management, repair and maintenance, and cold storage. This comprehensive approach addresses the evolving needs of Africa's expanding requirements.


African ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors. The youth population is growing up in the digital age and technology has become an integral part of life with the ever growing middle class in Africa utilising technology in some or other form today. This rapidly growing generation has been raised on the internet and social media, with some of the oldest finishing college by 2020 and entering the workforce today. Gen Z will also soon become the largest cohort of consumers—and brands who want a piece of this opportunity will need to understand their tendencies and digital expectations.

Empowering African Progress

Our Vision: A Thriving African Economy

GulfLog Africa is a boutique investment company focussing on opportunities in Sub-Sahara Africa.

We want to provide capital through equity and hands-on expertise to companies in the field of Logistics Infrastructure and Related Services as well as the Distribution/Market Expansion Services for Mining, Construction and Agricultural Machinery as well as Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

We aim to maximise sustainable returns by empowering capable management teams to operate as true stakeholders in line with best-in-class Governance.